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Playground Safety Rules That Every Parent Should Know

There are specific playground safety rules that should be followed each time you visit the park. Young children should not go down large slides without the help of a parent or another adult. Many accidents occur on the slides because a child has fallen. If your child falls from such a great height, then they are sure to get hurt. The swing area should be monitored by an adult. Many times, older children will push younger children much too high. This can result in your child falling out of the swing and Read the rest of this entry »

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How To Protect Children From Heat Exhaustion

During the heat of summer, children can be especially prone to heat exhaustion, particularly during extended outdoor activities. As a parent, there are several precautions you can take to help prevent your child from developing heat exhaustion.

- Dress your child in breathable, loose-fitting clothing. Opt for shorts over bluejeans, and sandals over sneakers. Avoid heavier fabrics like cotton in favor of lighter synthetic materials.

- Provide plenty of fluids, and make sure your child drinks them. Staying hydrated is one Read the rest of this entry »

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The Many Dangers Of Heat Exhaustion

Heat exhaustion is a serious condition that occurs when the body is exposed to high temperatures for an extended period of time. People who work or exercise outdoors in extreme heat and humidity, young children and the elderly are most prone to heat exhaustion. The primary reason heat exhaustion occurs is dehydration and depletion of minerals caused by excessive sweating. Symptoms of heat exhaustion include profuse sweating, dizziness, rapid pulse, nausea, fatigue and muscle cramping.

Heat exhaustion is not deadly and is easily treated but can lead to a far more harmful Read the rest of this entry »

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What Communities Should Do To Keep Parks Beautiful

Everyday more and more people are looking for ways to keep their yards and neighborhoods looking attractive. Sometimes the local park goes unnoticed and can need a little help. Neighborhood communities can help by banding together and making it their responsibility to keep the parks looking neat and attractive, after all, it is a place that their children spend countless hours at. Neighborhoods can organize a rotating list of “chores” that can be split around the community, for example Read the rest of this entry »

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Why Non-Indigenous Plants Are Harmful To The Environment

Over the course of time, native plants and animals have developed their own eco-systems that they both can live in and survive. It has the correct balance for vegetation so that animals can eat. The plants have the correct balance of nutrients so that they can thrive and survive. Think of it as a family. Each person has certain roles that enable them to live together, harmoniously.

When invasive and non-invasive plants invade the environment, what made the Read the rest of this entry »

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Understanding The Importance Of Biological Diversity

When looking at a park or forest, it-s easy to fall into the mindset that a plant is just a plant. If it-s green, it-s good, right? Wrong! For any green space to be healthy, it needs to have biological diversity (more commonly known as bio-diversity).

What is bio-diversity? Before human contact, every natural space has a variety of native plants that thrive together. In an untouched forest, for example, trees that need the sun to survive in turn provide shade for the plants that like the shade. Each plant in a natural forest Read the rest of this entry »

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Animal Attacks: The Deadly Consequences Of Urban Expansion

If you have ever been to the park, you might see squirrels playfully leaping in front of you or scurrying down a tree to get a good look at you. These animals are territorial, and the park is their territory. If you take that park and put in a parking lot, those animals might find a tree nearby or left deliberately and try to regain their land. That is often the case when a squirrel might bite a person who thinks that their behavior of leaping in front of them is playful. The squirrel might Read the rest of this entry »

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Charlotte, NC – Park City

Charlotte, North Carolina has been all over the news on Direct TV lately for all the right reasons. They’re hosting the DNC next year and they’re at the center of the banking crisis but what else does the city have going for it? Parks, that’s what! Check out some of the amazing green revitalization projects going on around the city
The Greenway – It runs for 1.5 miles between the city’s biggest park and Midtown, an area just outside the Uptown buildings. It’s attracting Read the rest of this entry »

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Fresh Air And Sunshine: How Outdoor Recreation Improves Health

Whether it is a simple stroll through the park with the baby or an intense football game with the guys, it is believed that outdoor recreation of any sort improves overall heath and wellbeing.
A National Park is a landmark; no factory, automobile, or other form of pollutant is permitted on the grounds. With this in mind, National Parks are known to be clean, green, and safe environments for all people. Most parks even double fines for littering, smoking, and polluting.
Cities all around the United States are budgeting in park land and green Read the rest of this entry »

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Urban Wildlife: Investigating A Hidden Civilization

The next time that you are in an urban area or city, look around to see what creatures might be scurring. Many people do not realize that there is a whole community of animals around them in the urban jungle.

Birds are plentiful in the city. They can make nests just about anywhere, but especially love to nest in the nooks and crannies of tall office buildings. Pigeons and Starlings are known city dwellers and can be found in most city parks.This/tag helps explain it more.

Mice and Read the rest of this entry »

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